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James "D-Train" Williams

In Your Eyes (Expanded Edition)

CD $1.99

Release Date:

August 2011

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Funkytowngrooves USA


Item Description

Only small amount available

The First Properly Expanded CD Re-Issue of James "D Train" Williams 1988 album - In Your Eyes


Includes 4 Bonus Tracks

Never before Released on CD

Two years after James "D Train" Williams and Hubert Eaves, III, hit us over the head with his 1986 Columbia Records debut, the stunning, "Miracles Of The Heart", they come back with another shot to the dome with the EVEN GREATER follow up, "In Your Eyes".

Released in 1988, James "D Train" Williams, and Hubert Eaves, III, take their classic blend of techno funk, catchy R&B melodies, and uplifing lyrics, to another level that SHOULD'VE taken them over the top !! ....... But as with all great albums, ....... it didn't :-( ..... Sadly, this would be the last album the two ever collaborated on, leaving little hope for mankind in the world of GREAT, ORIGINAL, REAL, AND POSITIVE MUSIC :-(

Collectively produced by D Train and Hubert Eaves, III, for Keep On Productions, Inc., it's an album that withstood the test of time, as it STILL sounds just as remarkable, as it did 23 years ago. Let's some check out some of the hightlights of a BRILLIANT recording that SHOULD'VE GONE PLATINUM, AT LEAST, EASY !, and see what Urban radio and the R&B community at large, at the time, missed out on in 1988. ..... because it sure in the hell didn't receive any kind of airplay here in NYC, and in D's own hometown :-( ......... what a shame ! :-( ......... ACTUALLY, IT'S PATHETIC & SAD TO BE HONEST WITH YOU !!!!!!! :-(

With Hubert handling most keyboard duties and programming, and James handling lead and background vocals, they both had a little help from some of the most accomplished and gifted east coast musicians and session vocalists, and they are as follows : Peter Freeman on keyboards, Lenny Pickett on sax, Hubert, III's son, Hubert, IV on bass guitar/drum fills, and session wiz Doc Powell on guitar.

In addition, you had Paul K. Johnson, II on keyboards. On the background vocal tip, you had BJ Nelson, Audrey Wheeler-Downing, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle, Genobia Jeter, and last, but certainly not least, Curtis King, Jr.

The Album's title track, and opener, "In Your Eyes" ~ They pretty much picked up where they left off 2 years prior, in that "The Train" kept the funk in full supply with all the electric bass guitar plucks and strums you could ever ask for. The synth horns, as well as the accompanying synthesizer parts, are in not in short supply as they, too, made their presense known with their "Horns Of Gabriel-esqe" effect.

The kick drum, snare, cymbal rides and crashes, the reliable cowbell, as well as the various percussions, kept the groove "on the one", the "4 on the floor" and "in the pocket". Lest ye not forget the awesome power of D Train's lead vocal performance as he flexes his gospel bred acrobatics in and around the melody like only he can do, and that is, ..... FONKAY ! The aforementioned background vocalists all sound remarkably tight as they lend their perfect harmonic bled to D Train's mighty roar.

"With All My Heart" ~ This song CLEARLY should've been touted as a single as it's the perfect summer jam ! What's so cool about this song are the slight synthesizer nuances of "You're The One For Me", if you listen carefully. The drum programming, like it's predecessor, never fails to deliver, as you can just 'feel' the power, and not only hear it. The bass synthesizer bounces, trip, and rolls the melody along, which segues into a head bopping affair.

The same talented group of backgrounds singers get to shine a little here as their collective harmonic blends, more than augment and support the dynamo lead vocal of James. Speaking of which, Train's lead vocal performance on this particular track is, to me, one of his finest ever, as he got to flex his full vocal dynamic range. The incredible Doc Powell rips into an rockish 8 bar guitar solo that just blow your socks off. This is the SONG to be added to ANY radio station's playlist, terrestrial, internet, or satellite, you can't just go wrong.

"Shadow Of Another Love" ~ I'm quite sure the 'Quiet Storm' programs at urban radio in 1988 HAD TO have added this song to their playlists ! There's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY they could have not !!! To me, it's the PERFECT BALLAD ! Not too slow, and not too fast, just right. The fluidly performed bass guitar lines, ..... what sounds like Simmons Electronic Drum Pads on the fills, ..... the light and dreamy synthesizer sustained chords, and fills .... the sensually plucked guitar notes, is what make this the quintessential song of choice for that late night rendevzous.

But how could ever call this song the "perfect ballad", and not associate a "perfect voice" to back that claim up ?? You cannot, unless it's Dee handling that lead vocal. His even tempered tenor, his vocal delivery, and just all around performance, exerts sheer brilliance ! That's the only way I could best describe it ladies and gentlemen ! If you think I'm kidding you, just go to link below after this review, and hear for yourselves, and you'll agree ! .... PERIOD ! .... THE SONG IS ALL THAT !"

Runner" ~ We pick up the pace just a bit here, and we don't mind either !"Runner" is an adventurous song of sorts in that it tells the tale of a man 'running' after a woman that refuses to give a brother the time of day. This track itself is an uptempo percussive ladened track that works completely in synch with the rhythm section.

That funky bounced bass synth is back everyone, and does it ever sound so good too !This time around the drum programmed snare just slaps your face with bombastic thunder clap ! On this mid tempo'd number we get to hear the James' overdubbed, and doubled lead and background vocals, as he perfectly pitched them to sound as if you're listening to a full multi membered choir. Nice song !!

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