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James "D-Train" Williams

Miracles Of The Heart - Expanded Edition

CD $1.99

Release Date:

August 2011

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Funkytowngrooves USA


Item Description

Only small amount available

The First Properly Expanded CD Reissue of James "D Train" Williams Debut 1986 Album - Miracles Of The Heart.
The Release will be remastered From THE ORIGINAL TAPES and will include 6 bonus tracks

James ‘D-Train’ Williams – Miracles of The Heart
”My music is a combination of dynamics, honesty,
and a down-to-earth creative approach,” notes
James “D-Train” Williams, who made an impressive
debut on Columbia Records with MIRACLES OF THE
HEART, a multi-faceted album laced with sensitive
soul and powerhouse grooves, his trademark.

MIRACLES OF THE HEART, co-produced by D-Train and
his long-time friend and co-writer Hubert Eaves
III, is a ubiquitous blend of funk, street rock
and rhythm and blues. “We took our time selecting
each song,” says the Brooklyn-born and bred
performer. “At the time we wanted to give the
album a cohesive texture and I think we

D-Train’s track record speaks for itself, both
here and abroad. His long string of
R&B/Dance-Disco crossover hits, spanning
1981-1984, established him as a definitive force
on the urban contemporary front: “You’re The One
for Me,” “Keep On,” “Walk on By,” “Music,” “Keep
Giving Me Love,” and “Something on Your Mind.” In
fact, in the early ‘80s when dance music got
sidetracked by over-produced disco fluff,
D-Train’s meaty hooks and diverse changes,
augmented by his vibrant baritone, broke new
ground in black sound. Since then he’s been
constantly imitated, but none comes close to the

”You Are Everything,” the opening track and first
single from MIRACLES OF THE HEART, starts out in a
pop/funk overdrive, never losing momentum.
D-Train’s strong vocal soars as the song’s
dance-oriented arrangement reaches peak after
peak. “It’s one of my favourite cuts from that
project,” he insists. “I like its flat-out pace
and the singing/rap style. Of all the songs, it’s
the closest to what people recognize as the
D-Train sound.”

“Misunderstanding” is an intense, up-tempo,
full-blown production. Here again, D-Train’s
distinctive vocal technique elevates the material
to A+ status. Then the D-Train musical express
goes from the beat to the ballad with seamless
ease. “Miracle of the Heart,” an exceptionally
beautiful love track, highlights the
singer/producer/musician’s sensitive side. “Oh How
I Love You (Girl),” which is delivered with a raw,
romantic flavour, reinforces his unique ability to
tug lyrically at the listener’s heartstrings. Both
ballads have become classics.

The continuing success story of James “D-Train”
Williams began at age three when, like so many
other black artists, he started singing in the
church choir. At age ten the guitar was introduced
to him, an instrument at which he’s become expert.
Until he reached high school music was an
obsession; but sports, especially football, also
attracted him.

Playing varsity at Erasmus Hall, the Brooklyn high
school that boasts such celebrated alumni as
Barbra Streisand and Will Downing, James Williams
nicknamed himself after the New York subway
system’s “D-Train” because of his locomotive style
of moving down opposing players, and subsequently
broke many school records on the gridiron. He
dreamed of playing college ball and eventually
turning pro, but music remained a love he couldn’t
get over.

D-Train met Hubert Eaves in 1981, at a Manhattan
recording studio, and found they had mutual
creative interests. They teamed up, pooling ideas,
making demo tapes and frequently performing
together. “Hubert had written a little of ‘You’re
The One For Me’ ,” recalls D-Train. Once we sat
down and worked out the lyrics and the
arrangement, we knew we had something special.”

The independent Prelude Records agreed and signed
D-Train, releasing his first big hit in late-1981,
“You’re The One For Me.” The D-Train phenomenon
had officially begun. A long list of hits
followed, paving the way for numerous D-Train
tours throughout the U.S. and Europe, where he is
considered a legend!

The D-Train hit machine wound down for a year or
so starting in 1985. D-Train and Hubert Eaves kept
writing new materials together, however, and then
Columbia Records entered the picture. “When I
signed with Columbia in March ’86,” says D-Train,
“I felt secure knowing that finally I was with a
major company that was behind me all the way.”

in 1988, both albums becoming classics over time,
while James and Hubert have continued an
association which lasts through to this day.

© Andreas Hellingh - 2006
for The Soul of Amsterdam

Another Funkytowngrooves Release Authorized By Sony/BMG Reissue.

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