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Boogie Down Productions

Ghetto Music: The Blue Print Of Hip Hop (Expanded Edition)

CD $2.99

Release Date:

July 2013

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Item Description

"Hip-Hop" activist KRS-One took it to the next
level with the third BDP album, Ghetto Music, one of their most essential releases."

This is FTG Hip Hop's debut CD Release.

Re-Mastered from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES at Battery Studio’s New York by Sony’s Sean Brennan.

Liner Notes by Alex Henderson

Includes 4 Bonus Tracks

Ghetto Music: The Blue Print of Hip Hop original album was certified Gold by the RIAA on September 25, 1989.

The album was devoted mostly to consciousness raising as Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop finds KRS-One evolving into a fierce advocate for both his community and his chosen art form.

KRS-One was particularly concerned about the direction of the latter: he's wary of hip-hop being co-opted by the pop mainstream, and the album's title comes from his conviction that real hip-hop is built on the vitality and rebelliousness of the streets. Accordingly, Ghetto Music contains a few more battle rhymes than usual, plus some showcases for pure MC technique, in keeping with the most basic elements of the music. The production, too, is still resolutely minimalist, and even if it's a little more fleshed-out than in the past, it consciously makes no concessions to pop or R&B accessibility.

There are more reggae inflections in KRS-One's delivery than ever before, audible in about half the tracks here, and the production starts to echo dancehall more explicitly on a few. Meanwhile, as the Teacher, he's actually put together lesson plans for a couple tracks: "Why Is That?" and "You Must Learn" are basically lectures about biblical and African-American history, respectively.

Elsewhere, "Who Protects Us from You?" is a bouncy anti-police-brutality rap, and KRS closes the album with the point that "World Peace" can only be achieved through a pragmatic, aggressive struggle for equality.

It's another excellent and the last truly great BDP album.

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