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Paul Laurence

Haven't You Heard (Expanded Edition)

CD $8.98

Release Date:

November 1985

Nº of Discs:


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Funkytowngrooves USA


1. Strung Out
2. She's Not A Sleaze (with Lillo Thomas & Freddie Jackson)
3. You Hooked Me
4. Good & Plenty
5. Racism!!!
6. Haven't You Heard
7. There Ain't Nothin' (Like Your Lovin')
8. I'm Sensitive
9. Strung Out (international version)
10. She's Not A Sleaze (with Lillo Thomas & Freddie Jackson) (extended mix)
11. Strung Out (extended dance mix)
12. You Hooked Me (single edit)

Item Description

Paul Laurence's 1985 Debut Album - Expanded and available on CD for the 1st Time Ever.

Re-Mastered From The Original Master Tapes.

As a result of creating hits for others, Paul was given the chance to cut his own album in 1985, “Haven’t You Heard”. He enlisted Lillo as a background vocalist & got to work with the keyboards.

The overall tone of the album not only reflected Paul’s excellent musicianship & mastery of the technology, the songs’ lyrics revealed a mindset to tell stories that were positive, uplifting and with a conscious. The single “Strung Out (Freebase)” was self-explanatory – a warning of the dangers of crack cocaine addiction (Paul wasn’t the only one who covered this territory – the late Isaac Hayes did so as well with 1986’s “Ike’s Rap/Hey Girl”).

“She’s Not A Sleaze” featured Paul, Freddie & Lillo trading lead vocals about a girl who may dress in tight clothes & likes to tease – but she’s really a good girl (thank you, Lillo!). “You Hooked Me” is one of the album’s few ballads – this one with Paul in a very mellow mood.

The uptempo “Good & Plenty” describes a love that is just like the candy. “Racism (Sucks!!)” gets right to the point – an issue that will sadly remain one of society’s greatest ills. “Haven’t You Heard” – another slow jam with just Paul on vocals & piano, keeping the song simple yet sweet. The mid-tempo “There Ain’t Nothin’ (Like Your Lovin’)” has a nice guitar lilt that accents the song quite nicely. “I’m Sensitive”, which closed out the original album release, deals with a man’s insecurities about love & a fear of being meek in a relationship.

While “Haven’t You Heard” quickly became a fan favorite among those who followed Freddie, Lillo, Melba, Me’lisa & Kashif (who had his own record deal w/Arista), the album barely even charted whereas “She’s Not A Sleaze”, “Strung Out” & “You Hooked Me” peaked in the mid/upper-50's on the R&B singles listings.

Being that Hush Productions controlled the marketing & promotion of their releases, Huggins & company knew that the money-makers were their singers and were satisfied with keeping Paul behind the scenes. A sad scenerio – especially since Paul’s own work was good enough to earn priority status alongside the hits he created for his colleagues.

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