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Glenn Jones

Everybody Loves a Winner - Plus Bonus

Vinyl £12.99

Release Date:

June 2012

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Funky Times Records


Item Description

Release Date: 22nd - Now In Stock

Limited Collectors Edition - Only 300 Pressed

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Nothing can stop the certain groove that slid from the background of sultry, velvety voiced R&B singer Glenn Jones. Nothing.

From the deep pocketed vocal airness often properly displayed on all of his discs, and from the Gospel Sanctuary to a much heralded career as one of the finest Rhythm crooners to ever grace & hold a Microphone, former member of R&B group the Modulations had released "Everybody Loves A Winner" (1983-EP) & it should be on everyone's wish list. A must have in a collection of legendary R&B music that ever has been published. Here's a look into what brought about the powerhouse voice streaming from the lips of Mr. Jones.

We are talking about an unraveling of grooves so significant to blasting Mr. Jones off into the R&B hemisphere, that it would be impossible NOT to talk about it. "I Am Somebody" jammed but at the same time, sent a positive message of personal self-confidence & self-esteem. "Keep On Doin'" mid-tracked a smooth, mellow feelin' flow right into bad mama-jammin' "Everybody Loves A Winner" (video box above). "Love Intensity" kept it bumpin' in sequence, while "Thank You For Your Love" sends a flashback reminder of what Mr. Jones had been all about after all of these years - Swooning & Crooning.

Right after the EP came albums "Finesse" (1984) & "Take It From Me" (1986) (~~ one of my favorite all time slow jams called "Stay" is sitting on that disc ~~). Other, well written material continued to surface throughout his stellar career, landing him on the moon as an astronaut dedicated to swooning the ladies with numerous slow cuts that would later make him the top choice for the leading man behind the love ballads. But while he became a consideration after all of these years, "Everybody Loves A Winner" should easily remind folks about his ability to stir up the disco floor with jams that STILL today could rock the party right from the rotation of the turntable. Accompanied with uplifting lyrics, acceptable background singers & hypnotic production grooves, the 5 track EP is still considered the launching pad of success by all means. Every Funk/R&B oriented blog or website I know of has this within arms reach. And its not too late if its not on yours. I personally celebrate Black History Month by spinning it back every weekend for the entire month of February 2010. And well after that...

It also would certainly be a pleasure to witness Glenn Jones on a stage or club hall soon. Today or tomorrow. As gifted as Glenn is, its every dollar worth spending to see him live.

Terrill J. Hanna
The Urban Music Scene

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