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Melba Moore

Burn (Expanded Edition)

CD $8.98

Release Date:

June 2012

Nº of Discs:


Catalogue Nº



Funkytowngrooves USA


1. Burn
2. Hot And Tasty
3. If You Believe In Love
4. Night People
5. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
6. Can't Give It Up
7. Miss Thing
8. Need Love
9. Miss Thing {7 Inch Version}
10. Hot And Tasty {7 Inch Version}
11. Burn {7 Inch Version}

Item Description

Delighted to annouce the First Ever CD release of Melba Moore's 1979 album "Burn."

Expanded with 3 Bonus Tracks

The late Richard Avedon’s striking black and white front cover shot of an elegant and assured Melba Moore showing more then she ever had seemed to say it all. With the 1979 release of Burn, her ninth album and second offering on the Epic label, the Tony award winning actress and singer was revealing an altogether more outgoing and sensual dimension of her persona.

Where the esteemed production unit of Gene McFadden, John Whitehead and Victor Carstarphen helmed her previous releases: A Portrait Of Melba” and Melba (aka Melba, 78), Burn’s production chores were handled by Euro disco titan Pete Bellotte and while Moore’s previous club hit was the lush, dreamy Philly-disco fantasia of “Pick Me Up I’ll Dance,” many of the songs here showcase the exhilarating rock/disco synthesis that Bellotte had perfected with partner Giorgio Moroder on Donna Summer’s blockbuster Bad Girls album.

In other words, this was the first Melba Moore album without any ballads. Reflecting on the set’s upbeat vibe and up-tempo material, Melba satated: “You can’t be a singer if you sing only ballads,” making Burn her first exclusive dance music album.

“Melba took her acting ability and put it to music and was able to characterize herself as “Miss Thing.” She completely assumed that character. The whole physical approach that Pete Bellotte brought in was his signature. She assimilated it and totally captured what Pete Bellotte brought in.

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